You are on Yann Weyer's portfolio. This website has been conceived as an online showcase of my work between 2009 and 2015.

Don't hesitate to checkout my resume or download my CV.

Technical Stack

ykweyer.fr is running on Drupal 8 with some very cool modules. The website have been gited on GitLab using Oz Conseil's boilerplate for Drupal8.

The drupal theme has been developed by Yann Weyer using MaterializeCSS. Analytics are provided by Piwik.

This website is hosted by online.net and uses a SSL certificate provided by StartSSL.

Check stackshare.io for more information about my technical stack. If you're interested in how I created this website, you can have a look at my Gitlab repository, bearing in mind the fact that's it's still a work in progress ;)

Special thanks to Vincent Birlinger for designing my avatar and for his always valuable advice.