Je Lemme

Do you really know how broad French is ?

"Je lemme" is an interactive hommage to the diversity of French language.

Based on the observation that an average French speaker knows barely 6.000 words out of the 75.000 the language offers, we picked up 20 unused words that could apply to Everyday situations.

Dedicated to young adults, this multi-screen multimedia experience was concieved as though it would take place in Avignon, in a secret vault of the "Palais des Papes". The visitors could choose one of the words and travel accross 7 playful steps to discover its sense and etymology. At the end, the visitor is proposed to adopt the word, which means using it regularly.

The wole experience was conceived along with Charline Blampey (Graphic designer), and developed by me in AS3 using several native extensions to handle kinect interaction and touch screens.